Fucking everything, one goat at a time!

Betty White can get it!

So now everybody wants to jump on the Betty White bandwagon! There are over 31, 000 supporters of the put Betty White on SNL Facebook group! Listen I don’t normally do this but…I was on Betty white before any of you posers. Back in the day I used to watch Golden Girls with my Grandma and crack up, even though I was way too young to even get the jokes. When I got a little older and realized that they were the real deal and the Designing Women broads were not, I beat off to all night Nick-at-Nite marathons of those golden ladies. I’m not new to this Betty White hotness; this is not a Betty White renaissance to me.

This is the only nude picture of Betty White I could find on the internet

So she does some funny Super Bowl ad! Only jack asses watch organized sports anyway. So she starred in some Romantic comedy along side of Sandra Bullock, and Ryan Reynolds! Big deal who in their right mind would watch a rom/com with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds? Who would watch a fucking rom/com to begin with??? Betty White was my bitch back in the day, like Golden Girls was the second coming! She was on the Mary Tyler Moore Show! She was on the original Match Game, back when them, mother-fuckers where all drunk as hell and shit! She was on Mama’s Family for fuck sake! I would eat apple sauce out of Betty Whites sweet, sweet ass! Ask anyone who knows me, whenever the question comes up about; “Which Golden Girl would you fuck?” my answer is always “All of them”. But when I explain the order, it goes; Bea Arthur (to get it out of the way), Estelle Getty (little tiny women break easy), Rue McClanahan (she may not be a freak just because she played one on TV), but I always save Betty White for last, not just because she’s built to last, but because she is the hottest mother fucking GMILF on the planet and I could lay up with her after the fact and build a nest. You know what I’m saying! Me, and B-Dubs would be tight like white on rice! I would stick it to her sweet Betty rolls like no other. I would drop to my knees for some sweet, sweet, Betty White loving. That voice and those eyes and she’s got that little something that says she’s bat shit crazy and those chicks are always the best in bed. And at her age all the kinks have been worked out so she would know how to use her kookiness to her advantage and bring out the real freak in the bedroom. C’mon you know what I’m saying! Betty white has that look that you just no she would be the bomb when you got her butt-naked and covered in Baby oil! So all you fake ass newbie’s trying to hop on the Betty White Train, better step-off, because, I’ve been down with the White since Kangaroo’s with the zip pouch.

Betty White's a Goatfucker

6 responses

  1. godlessmonkey

    I wonder if the White is tight…

    02/19/2010 at 11:05 PM

  2. Anitra

    go fuck a goat

    02/20/2010 at 6:59 AM

  3. oh blimey, I just left Facebook, now you tell me there’s a Betty White group???

    02/22/2010 at 7:49 AM

  4. WhoMe69

    I’ve seen some other nude pic’s supposedly of Betty. *shrug* Anyway, see for yourself. 😛

    (Change the number to see the others between 1 & 6. Duh!)

    Sooo… That’s my *good* deed for the day done! Back to being a bastard. LOL

    Cya. 😉

    PS. Cool blog. I may be back…

    03/15/2010 at 9:46 AM

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