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Doomsayertunes: Apocalypse Playlist

The Official Countdown

Well it seems as if the message we sent out has reached a few of you in the great state of Michigan! Let’s get this Apocalypse started! Scientist are doing there part defying natural order and ushering the tipping point of Chaos! Gawker has provided a list for the survivors of what not to take with us in the New World. Now what we need are some tunes to play us into the end! It’s been awhile since we dropped some new Doomsayer tunes on you faithful Goatfucks, so we’re a little behind on some of these but if you haven’t gotten them yet we suggest you get your ass to downloading;

The Sword-Apocryphon:the title means“secret writing”, it was a Greek term used for a genre of Jewish and early Christian writings that were meant to impart “secret teachings” that could not be publicly taught. Now while there are no real secrets revealed on this album, there are some mighty powerful tunes that while still sounding like they were unreleased Black Sabbath recordings, are starting to sound like simply The Sword. The fourth album fro the Austin band and the first with new drummer Jimmy Vela, The Sword is starting to develop their own sound. Not that there was anything wrong with the old sound they were using, Apocryphon just sounds bigger and bolder. Seven Sisters and Eyes of the Stormwitch are particular gems, but for our money Dying Earth is defiantly on the apocalypse playlist.


Torche-Harmonicraft: The third album from this Miami foursome is pure sludge gold. Perfect Metal for firing up the old bong and watching NatGeo all day or firing up the old bong and watching the world burn. It bleeds right in with The Sword, the new Baroness and that has earned it a place on our apocalyptic playlist. It’s a short album with three songs clocking in under two minutes, showing off the bands punk-rock and grindcore roots, and proving all good metal doesn’t have to be epic ten minute operas. Of all the hard hitting tunes on this collection the last three are our favorites; Solitary Traveler, (the title track) Harmonicraft and Looking On are amazing songs that will be in heavy rotation as son as you hear them.


Pelican also released an EP earlier this year that we’d like to mention. And there are some notable hip-hop records out including the new Big Boi (from Outkast) album that we haven’t copped yet. We’ll cover those in a separate list. Just keep in mind that these things are fleeting and our goal is to destroy this world ASAP. You have until the 21st so get cracking!

Doomsayer Tunes; The Sword

Like metal? Like fantasy (not just Lord of the Rings movies either but real obscure Micheal Moorcock shit like Elric at the End of Time)? Well this may be for you! They’re called the Sword and they are awesome!

Formed in 2003 in Austin Texas by J. D. Cronise, Kyle Shutt, and Trivett Wingo bassist Bryan Richie would joined in 2004.They released its début album Age of Winters in 2006, Gods of the Earth the band’s second album, released in 2008. Although their sound is clearly Sabbath influenced (if not a direct rip-off) the band was considered doom metal by snooty metal kids who hang around internet chat boards all night while slowly wasting away their sad pathetic lies in dimly lit rooms at their parents house seven years after they graduate college! But in March 2009 they won the High Times Doobie Award firmly cementing them in the Stoner Rock category. So what do they do next? These bastards totally flip the script and go-all-Orson Scott Card on a mother fucker and take their shit from songs about heavy axes and Norse Gods to some balls out sci-fi rock opera shit! While still keeping with the seventies vibe (and sounding like a young Ozzy) the lead singer now looks like Frank Zappa and they’ve begun to incorporate a little Thin Lizzy metal funk. Which is fine by me because I love Thin Lizzy, but Phil Lynott died when I was 9, so I missed seeing them live!  There are those who hate on this band for sticking so rigidly to this style, but I say grow the fuck-up!These mother-fuckers kick some serious ass! I mean Valiant Thorr has a similar seventies vibe (albeit not so mellow), and they still blow everyones brains who gets to see them! I mean not all bands can break new sonic ground like Mastodon when they married Metal to Rush! Equally not every band can rock this fucking heavy either!

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