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K’atun 4, The End of the 13th B’ak’tun, and Same as it ever was!


Time_Zone_MapSo as I sit writing this we are two hours away from the end of the b’ak’tun or whatever. People are still shell shocked over the psychotic eruption of a desperate kid last Friday that brought a tiny apocalypse to a small town. For the people of Newton the end of the world has already happened. These micro-pocalypses are increasing, building and rolling toward something that could possibly be all encompassing. This of course would be the fear of Doomsayers and Doomsday-Preppers. There are those who fear the fury of the sun, magnetic pole shifts, great disaster, or asteroids. Like a hundred Chicken Little’s running around screaming that the sky is falling. Without a doubt one day the sky will fall. But no amount of preparation is going to save you when it does. Modern humans have confused real life with entertainment. They believe that there will be a time for them to become the heroes, the action star. Narrowly escaping near death and saving the girl. They believe they can just preform a perfect barrel roll and escape the explosion unscathed. There are also those who believe they’re intelligence and their invented explanations will save them. They will understand the beast into submission. This too is a fallacy.

There are those who consider ourselves to be End-Time Enthusiast, who spend our free time pouring over apocalyptic cultures, reading and studying ancient prophecy’s and tales of the end of the world. Yet as we sit here life continues. Life does not stop no matter the population or species that inhabits any given world in any given fashion. close to 50,000 species a year disappear from the earth yet life continues on. Most don’t even know this and half that do, don’t even care. It’s nothing new. Even if the Earth stopped spinning and shattered into a million pieces, life would still go on  existing throughout the universe both known and unknown. There is some debate about what our universe consist of. The scientist see only the molecules while the religiously devote see only the spirit. One the seen one the unseen. The two are not exclusive despite what their adherents say. The two forces have been referred to by many names; Order Chaos, Love and Hate, Life and Death, but the most simplest name of the diametrically opposed forces which constitute the nature of the universe may be Is and Is not. December 21st 2012 does not hold the end to that, for there is no end.

The current enthusiasm for this particular End-Time, comes from the perfect storm of desire and marketing. There are two people excited for midnight; the people who are tired of the world as it is, and those making money off them. There is a third and forth type of person but they are not as excited. They’re the Naysayers who exist on the outside as judge and jury to both parties, and there is the indifferent who are oblivious to anyone involved. The indifferent are the smallest minority. This particular prophecy has pervaded popular culture thanks to fact that we’re all strung together with invisible wires. We sit in hives silently looking out at the world through screens our fingers clacking mechanically in-between sips on our Meso-American coffee beans. Half us Hoping the Mayans are right the other half hoping to exploit that hope. Funny thing is we are all just fools. No one is certain that these calendars have even been read correctly. We have limited knowledge of what they had in mind and what they meant. Spanish priest saw to that. This prophecy is gleaned from but one of the four remaining codices. Archeologist are not even in unanimous agreement about what they mean.

OuroborosThis is just one thing though. The desire remains, even without it for those that are truly over it. The pressure from such a bloated consumerist society. A society driven in many different directions by a million screaming voices, breeds the bloody chaos we witness when we tune into what the monster is feeding us. The Ouroboros is complete, thank you Ernst Förstemann! The most important thing they got right is that time is circular, we are moving in a loop. If you find anything new under the sun I trust you to keep it to yourself, less it become sullied instantly. If you listen to those trying to make money of this current apocalypse, then the end of the world immediately means death and destruction. Now why those things are always present they do not constitute the end of the world. Even at the most loosest interpretations of Mayan prophecy the end of the long count calendar simply means start over. The supposed visions of the future predicted in the 4th K’atun are even understated. Claiming we will live in age of enlightenment and global social change. We will enter a dark age that will be lifted after a period. There are those that feel this meant we are going to be destroyed as previous civilizations have been destroyed. Still that does not end all life.

Trophies of War!

“I became a fucking animal. I started fucking putting fucking heads on poles. Leaving fucking notes for the motherfuckers. Digging up fucking graves. I didn’t give a fuck anymore. Y’know, I wanted—. They wanted a fucking hero, so I gave it to them. They wanted fucking body count, so I gave them body count.”

—unnamed Vietnam Veteran, quoted in Achilles in Vietnam: Combat Trauma and the Undoing of Character (New York, 1994). Reprinted in An Intimate History of Killing

12 US soldiers have been charged with crimes in Afghanistan that range from the killing of civilians, to keeping body parts as war trophies. In one of the most serious accusations of war crimes to emerge from the Afghanistan, the killings are alleged to have been carried out by members of a Stryker infantry brigade based in Kandahar province in southern Afghanistan. In ancient Greece and Rome, military victories were commemorated with a display of captured arms, and cultural objects, called war trophies. We’ve seen it in countless War movies; Dead Presidents comes to mind almost immediately, but then again so does the Prophecy with Christopher Walken.  You know the part where they talk about that general who kept all those body parts from the Korean War underneath his bed! Yeah it sounds sick, almost inhuman to those of us who have never experienced the trauma of war first hand. There is an entire generation that has grown up with the Afghan and Iraq Wars and has become so desensitized that these atrocities are common place. These young men in Afghanistan thought they were doing something cool. They proudly took photos of their kills. As do may others. Search online and you can find G.I.’s trading gore pics on image boards and chat sites from all over. Its almost a sociopath’s badge of honor. All of a sudden Jeffrey Dahmer, doesn’t seem so odd. He was just a soldier without a war. Perhaps all serial killers are just in need of some true field combat. This may explain the drop in reported serial killer cases over the last ten years. Their all off getting paid for their work.

During World War II, some United States soldiers mutilated dead Japanese soldiers in the Pacific theater of operations. The mutilation of Japanese  included the taking of body parts as “war souvenirs” and “war trophies”. Teeth and skulls were most commonly taken “trophies”, although other body parts were also collected. The phenomenon of “trophy-taking” was  so widespread that discussion of it was featured prominently in magazines and newspapers. Franklin Roosevelt himself was reportedly gifted a letter-opener made of a man’s arm (Roosevelt rejected the gift and called for its proper burial). The behavior was then officially prohibited by the U.S. military, which issued additional guidance as early as 1942 condemning it specifically. Although the behavior continued throughout the war in the Pacific Theater, and has resulted in continued discoveries of “trophy skulls” of Japanese combatants in American possession to this day. [1]

To me this brings back old images we learned in Jr. High History of Native Americans scalping invading settlers, or of South American headhunters. These cultures however offered up their war trophies to their various gods as tribute, there was a certain spiritual ritual associated with these atrocities that I doubt is practiced by modern military forces.  although these practices still exist in places like Africa, it is expected that American military personnel are supposed to be more civilized than this. There are strict laws and rules in place for removing anything from enemy combatants. There have been dozens of arrest of US soldiers from Iraq for taking simple things like medals and painting, money, gold, and other inanimate objects. Officially tools and instruments of war can be taken  and kept, but that is all.  The removal of personal effects can result in charges of larceny under military law. Yet as we see by this current case the practice is still in place amongst the soldiers. I mean these 12 didn’t come up with this on their own. And their commander who looked the other way even as one of them tried to blow the whistle on his platoon.

In WWII the desecration of Japanese soldiers was blamed on how the American propaganda machine had dehumanized the Japanese and portrayed them as less than human. There is something to that, the current American propaganda machine has dehumanized Muslims and portrayed them as cave dwelling subhumans whose murder is justified. The fact that Americas current enemy has been separated from a nationality to those who have a certain religious belief or geographic point of origin. We fight against a faceless enemy who could be anyone or anywhere that has sand and dark-skinned people praying to a false god that is not our own.

Wonderful Heroism! Against Dead Men!

Yet this is not simply a product of this war or any other, this is a product of war itself. Spanish artist Francisco de Goya produced a series of pen sketches during Napoleons Peninsula War in (1807-1814) depicting the horrors of that war. The practice of removing human parts as trophies existed long before then. In 1258 Genghis Khan’s grandson Hulagu captured Baghdad and slaughtered most of the inhabitants, and according to Arab historians ordered the construction of a pyramid of human skulls. In the year 1300 BC, the Egyptian king Menephta defeated the Libyans. As proof of his triumph, he brought back thirteen thousand penises the soldiers chopped off of their opposition. Japanese samurai sliced off over 2000 noses of Korean men during the 1597 invasion of Korea. They were pickled and brought to the Emperor, 400 years later they were offered back to Korea as a goodwill gesture! Sure what these young men in Afghanistan cannot be placed along the same lines. In past wars this type of behavior was condoned from the top down. Now we have rules in place. If you want to collect War trophies like in the old days you’ll have to satisfy yourself with playing Call of Duty or Gods of War on your Play Station  or XBox, where you can still collect them legally.

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