Fucking everything, one goat at a time!

GoatFucker Manifesto



We are sick of manifestos, we refuse to outline a set of rules or ideology that anyone should follow or that we can be held to. We reserve the right to change the rules and make up new ones as we go along, we will not dictate anything to anyone, we will instead list our  likes and dislikes with the option to amend the list at any time.

WHAT WE’RE AGAINST-skinny jeans (on men), trendy hipster beards, guys with hair like girls, bicycle punks, white kids who move to Brooklyn because they think it’s cool, hipsters with old sailor tattoos; even though they have never been on a boat, stupid bitches who think their pirates when they wouldn’t last a day on the high seas, ironic mullets, assholes who think metal is the new punk even though they never would have listen to the shit back in the day, nu-metal, screamo, Christian metal,  emo,, elctro-dance-metal, new music in general,  YouTube stars, Internet celebrities, dance related reality show contest, nationally televised talent shows, people who like nationally televised talent shows,  reality show faux-lebrities, celebrities that believe their opinions matter, celebrities in general, beauty queens, beautiful people, ugly people, Mexicans, Puerto-Ricans, Italians, Guido’s, wannabe-mobsters, skins, White-Supremacist, Black Nationalist,  gay-rights activist, Moms Against Drunk Drivers, AlaTeen, AA, AAA, Eco-Warriors, Environmentalist, Activist, people with jobs, people without jobs, slackers, go-getters, mouth-breathers, deep thinkers, socially conscious individuals, ignorant red-neck assholes, dick heads, and mother-fuckers, short people, tall people, fat people, thin people, people of average height and weight, people with blue eyes, green eyes, brown eyes, hazel eyes, and eyes, shit-heads, dipshits, cock-suckers, and pieces of shit, pets, cats, dogs, birds, fish, stars, quasars, quarks, planets, asteroids, all life on earth

WHAT WE ARE FOR-violence, rape, booze, drugs, grindcore, stoner metal, Nintendo-core, amateur porn stars, whores, sluts, debasement, depravity, deconstruction, the complete destruction of modern human cultures and civilizations

WHO WE ARE– drunks, drug addicts, bruisers, boozers, pimps, hustlers, thugs, members of the Royal Monkee Armada, Organized Chaos, H8 corp., the Alcoholic Martyrs Association, the Infinite Lost-Light Brigade, the warlords of the Shadow Fields, the Destroyers of the World, the International Goat Fuckers Union local 138

5 responses

  1. godlessmonkey


    01/22/2010 at 6:22 AM

  2. RJ3kFS http://fh6whUq3NnsPfj8g3vr0gQO4Yyzf.com

    04/11/2010 at 6:08 PM

  3. Alexander O'hennesy

    You goat fuckers are against good things and I for one like Michael Jackson and he is still alive cause I am his friend and you’re wondering why i’m telling you this because nobody will believe you because look at your site HA! That means I can finally tell everything me and him has done. We have had great sex….. GREAT I fuckin said it. I have wanted to tell someone that for a while now. Me and Mike have been friends since Jan/2010 and we started having a relationship in March and it gets better and better because his dick tastes so fucking good mmm….. and his cum is so sticky and hot. Now if you tell anyone then I will terminate your site so don’t tell anyone unless they read it here. I have a great time giving him a nasty BJ and he loves it and shoves on my head. After were done sometimes there’s too much cum but usually it’s alright and there isn’t a mess. Also I would rather you keep this email private and un-disclosed okay thanks very much. Well I just needed to say that somewhere now I have and if you think I am lying I really don’t give a fuck because tonight i’m getting lucky too so who cares about anything because it tastes so fucking good when he experiences a cumshot I experience it too heh. Well please keep this private because I am a very shy person and unless they find it on your site please do not tell anyone about this thanks.

    10/10/2010 at 3:59 AM

  4. Alexander O'hennesy

    Oh and do not do drugs they are very dangerous and bad okay heh.

    10/10/2010 at 4:01 AM

  5. Do all the pieces proper, take into consideration everything you are doing. Always be capable of have an answer as to why you probably did or didn’t do something. . — Confucius

    01/21/2011 at 2:55 PM

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