Fucking everything, one goat at a time!

Doomsayer Tunes; Damaged in the Digital Age!

I listen to an odd array of music, everything from the Nintendo-Core of IWRESTLEDABEARONCE,  to Leonard Cohen, Pixies, to Lil’ Wayne and everything in between. I have been down with punk rock my entire life it feels like. Every since I first heard Minor Threats Complete Discography in 7th grade. I started shoving safety pins through my nostrils in front of my grandmother when I was 14. Yet even in High School I appreciated the art of juxtaposition. I never wanted to be boxed in and defined by one genre. Sure I had my standard punk uniform of military boots and ripped jean shorts, torn t-shirts from bands that broke up before I hit puberty, but I mixed it in with full three-piece suits and London Fog trench coats to punk shows held in VFW post and Armories. As I continued to fill my body with metal and rawkus hatred throughout the tail end of the last century, I wondered often (as I do now) about the future. When I began my journey into the underground I was one of the only African-American faces in my small North Carolina community, as time marched on I got older and there got to be a great deal more brown and black faces in the crowds. I wasn’t alone after a while and this felt good. I felt sort of responsible. Now that’s my ego talking I know, it was more of a combination of shifts in societal norms, due to groups like Out cast, The Roots, and others crossing boundaries on the big stages and the trickle down effect of a few generations of African-americans infiltrating the white middle class suburbs. Suddenly teams of black skate boarders appeared. Now many, many years later, we stand on the cusp of the great crux. Things are wildly different from when I was 16. The digital revolution happened, and genres and styles that were once exclusive to certain age groups and races are non-existent. Everything is all mashed up and the results are chaotically beautiful. Right now a small band of Afro-Punks are making a lot of noise out of L.A. They’ve stormed the East coast and stole the show at SXSW this past Friday. They’re being talked about in newspapers and hipster blogs are touting them as the next big thing. But before they become so ubiquitous that their obnoxious I wanted to share them for the benefit of those who haven’t seen them. If there ever was a Goatfucker party these guys would be on the bill. They’re called Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All! The name alone is worth a million bucks, but watching their elctro-hip-hop-punk  fueled attack is awesome. They killed it on a recent Jimmy Fallon appearance, though I still can bring myself to watch that smirking jerk. They are all young and full of piss and vinegar as my old G-Ma would say!

On another note at the complete opposite of the spectrum is a group doing something amazingly retro. Long before I started shoving metal into my face I was a kid in the eighties. And Although Prince was always at the top of my list I had a huge spot in my heart for Hall & Oates, The Carpenters, and other cheesy early eighties/late seventies schmaltz, gleamed from being raised in the country on The Muppet Show and PBS long before 250 cable/satellite channels entered my life or the world for that matter. Now I’m 33 and  I still keep my septum ring in , but  most of the metal is out of my face, I no longer have a hole in my ear you can stick a battery in, I bought my tickets to the Steve Ignorant tour months in advance and-unless compelled by a force greater than I-I will not be jumping into any pit. I have in many ways settled down (as I light the bowl and down my third shot before work). I also am insanely in love with everything Tim & Eric do and can’t wait for the movie to blow minds at the theater (although it won’t set any box office records I’m sure). With that said if you watch any Adult swim you already know that Heideker & Woods features just the Tim part of Tim & Eric, along side of the man behind the music of their Adult Swim masterpieces. I’m sure you haven’t missed the commercials, but if you rock as much Hall and or Oates as I do you will love this.


One last thing of note that probably deserves its own post all together. Another one of the bright hopes for the future; Die Antwoord has released a fifteen minute movie masterpiece directed by Gumo’s  acclaimed director Harmony Korine. It’s called Ushini Wam! And it is some next level shit that should be seen by nearly everyone and passed around so that it becomes a household name! I’m seriously thinking about a Goatfucker party now!

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