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Geriatric Henry & Glenn Forever!!!

A friend of mine has a band on tour with Danzig, they stopped by the other night playing an off day at a nearby club. After-wards he came over and me and my girl enthusiastically quizzed him on what is was like to see Glenn every night, does he  play any Misfits song, how awesome is it to hear Mother (the only Danzig song anybody knows) over and over again. It was funny, but the biggest bombshell was to find out that Mr. Glenn Danzig is actually 55 years-old! Granted I could have looked this up on Wikipedia or found this out on my own somehow if I cared that much, but with Halloween just passing the Misfits have been on pretty heavy rotation in our house. It’s crazy to think about the day Danzig qualifies for Social Security, but it’s coming. Recently another one of our friends (Gynomite) posted a blog about another aging punk-rocker from Glenn’s era-Mr. Henry Rollins-and in it post a video of Rollins acting like a crotchety old man. The synchronicity is not lost on all of us. In October I went to an Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco and discovered this little gem called Henry and Glenn Forever, by artist Tom Neely.

The comic satirically supposes what a gay relationship between the two icons would have been like . It’s pretty damn funny and well done. They range from hilarious old school Mutt and Jeff style panel comics, to surreal solo Panels, into the mundane Family Circus style comic strips. Done in various styles it almost seems like the love letter of a group of Artist rather than one man.

I don’t know why I went from thinking about how old Glenn Danzig and Henry Rollins are (and we are all  becoming )to this, but it’s a awesome comic that everyone should pick-up! It will take your mind off your inevitable aging demise, and the decent into old crotchety man country. I was never a huge Sex Pistols fan, so when Johnny Rotten descended into his old crotchety era it didn’t bother me as much, it was almost expected. But I absolutely love the Misfits and Black Flagg ain’t half bad either in my book. And it kinda takes some of the sting out of seeing this a few years ago.

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