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Grant Morrison is God!

So tonight I was fortunate enough to live in a city that got a screening of the new Grant Morrison Documentary Talking With Gods.If you don’t know who Grant Morrison is then I feel sorry for you, your life has been empty and meaningless up until this point. He is the single greatest writer on the planet! I know you’re asking “if he’s so great-how come I haven’t heard of him before!” Well, that’s because he primarily writes comic books and if you think that is a negative then you are probably too dumb to continue reading so leave my site and go watch football or what ever it is you people do.

I saw this amazing film at the Roxie which is in the heart of the Mission District of San Francisco, a historic old theater where the same guy that sells you you ticket rips it and sells you popcorn. There was a lot of activity and people coming in and out of bars on my way there. I was running a little late because I take the bus and well the bus is never on time (although it runs more on time in SF than any city I have ever lived). I got in just as the film was starting and I was immediately shocked that there were only a dozen people in attendance. Exactly twelve people, making me the thirteenth apostle. The irony was not lost. I sat in the back as I tend to do. And took off my jacket and listened intently as the narrative of Grants life unfolded. I should say that Grant Morrison is my favorite writer of all time, I respect his work above all other, so there is no way that this movie would surprise me or tell me anything I didn’t know. I have read and owned everything he has ever written and has been written about him.  I have since 1993 devoted myself to his words. His first work that drew me in was Doom Patrol, a reboot of 60s comic that inspired the X-Men. I have read Arkham Asylum more than a hundred times, and based much of my life around his ground breaking book The Invisibles. Sounds rather geeky, sad, but you’re wrong. I was a big black nerd in the middle of nowhere North Carolina when I first discovered this man and his amazing talent. I was alone and my mother was dying of cancer. He spoke to me on a level that no one had at that point. And his work awakened a beast that still rages to this day. I would not even be writing this blog had I not discovered his work. He inspired me to to start a zine called Rant and Rave in 1994 that was the genesis for all the work that I do now. I remember reading his Kid Eternity three issue series when it first came out and feeling like finally there was some one out there on he same trip that I was. His work has always been magical and about magic.

I wrote to Grant during the very beginning  of the Invisibles and sent him a copy of my zine. He made it a point to include my letter in the letters pages and thank me for the zine. It kept me going until I ran out of money and the acid took to much control over my life. Yes it was Grant who inspired my foray into psychedelics. Though the selling of the drug was more on me I got caught up int he rave culture all on my own. I remember sitting in my grandmothers basement waiting each month for the next issue to come in the mail. I would spend each day analyzing every panel, dissecting every reference. Reading what ever Grant suggested ordering book after book through the book of the month club I had signed up for out of the back of the TV Guide. By the time I graduated high school in 1995 I had a working understanding of theoretical physics. I had mapped out hyperspace in my mind. When I actually began venturing out into the world I immediately tried to create my own Invisible sell. I found my own Ragged Robin and positioned myself as King Mob. This was long before the story had ended and I was living it right along side of Grant. By the time the Invisibles did end I was in Prison for violating my probation. I was on probation for planting a fake bomb in my local mall, because I was living my anarchist fantasy. Now many people would hate a writer who inspired them in this way, but I embraced him even more. I believe that going to prison and all the other insanity that ensued throughout my life has helped me become who I am. Grants work literally took me across the world and here I sit in San Francisco still living my dream, I meet other Invisbles all the time. Many of which have never even heard of Grant and when I share my graphic novels with them they disappear and I have to buy them again. There is no way I could ever fully express what this man means to me. There are several key influences that I have had; My Mothers Death in 1993, My Grand Mothers Death in 2000, and Grant Morrison.  Other people and moments have helped but without these three things I have no idea who I would be.

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