Fucking everything, one goat at a time!

Yes Virgina, there is a Canadian God of Metal!

Okay, so I may be a little late to the party, but for the last week I have been unable to listen very much else besides this;

This (for those who aren’t dungeon Metal Heads who spend hours digging through crates for the choicest vinyl to get stoned to in our parents basement) is Thor! The one and only Canadian Metal God. Now, the novelty of the band is seen as the muscle bound front man Jon Mikl Thor. a body builder who has one over 40 titles including Mr. Canada and Mr. USA (how you win both I don’t know, dual citizenship maybe).  Thor formed in 1973,  the group was first called Mikl Body Rock, then Thor and the Imps, before it dawned on them that Thor was the name of a God so why not go with that. They released the awesome “Keep the Dogs Away” in 1977, so like myself the album is 33 years old and fresh as ever. Their real claim to fame though was not there dynamic riffs and full on 70s metal that falls somewhere between Kiss and Alice Cooper, it was Jon Mikl’s stupendous feats of strength preformed on stage. Such as bending steel with his teeth, or smashing cinder-blocks on his chest, an blowing into a water bottle until it explodes! You read that right he bent steel with his fucking TEETH!!!

How come this guy isn’t a household name? I mean he had the looks, that hair looks like spun gold, and those muscles would have made Arnold cry! I mean how the fuck does Anvil get a movie reviving their career and not this guy! Is it because he’s Canadian? That hasn’t stopped people from loving Micheal J. Fox, or Ryan Reynolds! Oh, it’s because he never really went away! This rock’n’roll God has been kicking ass every since he started. Sure he took a hiatus here and there to make star in some crappy B-movies. Then he took some time off to produce some even crappier B movies, but the guy is still out there dropping gems like “Thor Against The World” and “Devastation Of Musculation” in 2006. The band has released a slew of re-issues over the last few years creating somewhat of a Thor-revival!  They’ve also put out  like three brand new albums since 2008; Into the Noise (2008), Steam Clock (2009), and Sign of the V (2009)! Of course now he looks more like some suburban dad who bores his kids to death with stories of how he used to be cool as he drives them to soccer practice. But I mean he still gets out there and still tours. It seems like he knows his novelty though and doesn’t really take himself that seriously. He’s obviously an astute business man and knows his audience very well. He also runs a clothing line commemorating  Vancouver’s 1915 Stanley Cup win!?! Long live Thor, long live Rock!

Thor now!

Now playing: Thor – Catch A Tiger
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