Fucking everything, one goat at a time!

Wizard of Ass!!!!

So I was up until almost 5 trying to create this last night! I couldn’t believe that no one had done it yet! I quickly realized why after spending and hour and a half trying to find the SNL clip without all the Hulu shit around it.  You can’t steal Hulu vids because of the commercial they put in front, when I try to download it all I get its the stupid commercial. Anyway I finally found it on some kids Myspace page, then it was a matter of isolating the part where she says “Wizard of Ass”, which was the easiest part.  Next was turning it into a GIF, and I didn’t have a program that would convert WMV into GIF so I had to download one.  Which is why it has that stupid reel thing in the corner, the program I used was a demo and to remove that stupid reel I would have to spend $40 that I don’t have right now. So after a couple of tries I came up with one that I liked I had to pan across the image so you could get a good shot of the beloved Betty, then my girl Friday had to point out that it didn’t seem funny with out the sound so she suggested I to go back and put words on it. I think it turned out okay despite that stupid reel thing in the corner. Now it’s up to you the internet to spread the word and make sure everyone sees this. If you can make a better one go right ahead but  until you do spread this mother fucker!

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One response

  1. Kicking ass the old woman…… its very funny………

    09/07/2010 at 2:47 PM

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