Fucking everything, one goat at a time!

New Meaning to Dinosaur Rock

We’re going to have to start column called HOLY FUCKING SHIT! or NO FUCKING WAY! Somewhere to put the absurd shit we find on the inter-webs. Today we stumbled across a bunch of dinosaurs playing old school heavy metal in Finnish. No seriously!

The head-banging Barney’s in these suits are actually member’s of Dio, and Sonata Arctica! Fantasy Metalist from the frozen tundra with names like Riffi-Raffi, Muffi Puffi, Milli Pilli, and Komppi Momppi! They’re called Hevisaurus, which in English sounds like Heave-a-saurus, meaning they make me want to puke. They sing songs about popular Finnish children stories and of course are hugely popular-IN FINLAND! While Finland needs no help in spreading metal (it’s damn near pop music over there), it’s kinda cool what they’re doing I mean it’s cooler than Barney-but not by much.

Riffi-Raffi kicking those tasty licks

One response

  1. That’s just weird.

    05/26/2010 at 5:57 AM

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