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Apocalyptic Visions; MacGruber

So on Saturday me and my lady went out to see the MacGruber movie. Before I get started with my review of the film I want to just asked what the hell happened to the matinée? Once upon a time not that long ago if you went to a movie before 6 you got a special matinée price, it was just a few dollars off the regular movie price but in these tight times every little bit counts. That’s the whole point of going early! Instead we paid $21.50 for a movie we just kinda wanted to see. Now you have to show up before noon to see a matinée. Who wants to go the movies for breakfast? This is why people download everything-this is why I usually download everything. Not that I don’t go to the movies often we try to have a movie date at least once a week (sometimes we skip a week if nothing good is out). I also live in California so things are a little higher priced than they are in other places, but that’s the price you pay for living by the sea waiting for the earthquake to swallow you whole. Another thing I want to rail on is; what happened to hot popcorn? Since when is it okay to charge $12.50 for a bag of cold popcorn and $6.75 for a drink with no refill? Yet like a moron I payed it and settled in for a hour and half long SNL sketch.

The movie was funny enough. It was more or less what I expected, the theme song (a slow-mo version of the one they play on TV) even ended with “I can’t believe they made a movie out of-MACGRUBER! There was tons of dick jokes and pseudo-homosexuality. The kind we’ve grown accustomed to in this post-Will Ferrel/ Tim and Eric world of comedy. It still kinda blows my mind the ease in which these seemingly straight actors slip so easily into homosexuality, but I guess you can’t be a famous actor without sucking a little dick here and there. So that was thrown out through the entire film. There was surprisingly a great deal of action for a comedy. It seemed at times they secretly wanted to make a straight action flick! The cameos by some of the lesser known WWE superstars early on was perfect since I am an avid wrestling fan. The brief scene involving The Big Show was perhaps the best scene in the movie, far more believable than the hilarious sex scenes between Will Forte and Maya Rudolph or Kristen Wiig. Who’s role seemed somewhat diminished, I can’t wait for her to break out. She is by far the funniest member of the current SNL cast and well deserving of a starring role. The soundtrack was awesome!  The movie was right along side of Hot Tub Time Machine for cheesy eighties references and in some ways I think HTTM did a better job at it. I was never a huge MacGuyver fan as a kid though (couldn’t stand the mullet). It was less of a rape of my childhood than A-Team will be. The summer seems to be shaping up as scarce on good movies, there’s Johna Hex but I never read that comic, other than that I can’t really think of any movie I want to see. I will probably go to Get him to the Greek next week (maybe). Forte did a good job extended the joke and taking the character to some places he could never go on network television. Although there was a bit more celery in the ass than I thought there would be. All in all I was satisfied with the movie and happy to give it a few more dollars to compete with Shrek which crushed it in the box office as anticipated. I can’t wait until Hollywood starts coming up with original ideas and I’m still kinda pissed at the loss of the matinee.

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  1. You have done it once again! Amazing article.

    05/28/2010 at 8:48 AM

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