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Japan Introduces the Spinster Bra!

You gotta love the Japanese! These weird little people will build anything they can dream! I guess that’s the result of being the only nation to witness and actual nuclear attack first hand! In order to deal with their increasing spinster population the Triumph International company has developed a bra that contains a timer reminding women how long they have until their biological clock runs out and their left to die as old maids. The Konkatsu Bra literally means  “marriage hunter  bra” . The timer can be set by the wearer, but once it goes off it can only be stopped by the insertion of an engagement ring! How freaky is that? Imagine if you’re about to bone some broad and she’s got this flashing LED clock under her tits reminding you to put a fucking ring on it before her poon shrivels up and dries! Fuck! Talk about pressure. Fortunately this invention was just a gag to get more people to wake up to the problem that Japan is getting older while less and less babies are being born, due to everyone and their grand-ma running around being more concerned with their careers than making more Japanese. This same company introduced a solar powered bra last year that can produce enough energy to recharge your cell phone or power your ipad!
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  1. Very nice bra… Its very useful.. I like this bra………

    09/07/2010 at 2:54 PM

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