Fucking everything, one goat at a time!

The Age of Stupid

We are living in the age of stupid! You’re stupid, I’m stupid, and everyone around us is stupid! Humans have always been dumb, but now we’ve taken it to a whole other level. I’m not just talking about the idiots who blindly follow Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh (although they make the rest of us look smart by comparison). We are all morons. We finally elect an intelligent, articulate president and we can’t get anything done still because he is beholden to dumb-asses who refuse to progress. We are making great strides in technology and what do we do, we use it to entertain ourselves with useless phones. What diseases have we cured? What problems have we solved? There are still people hungry and homeless, while we bicker over meaningless pieces of paper and foolish market that we created. Our lives effected because a blip on a screen reads one number lower than it did a day before, effected by typos from fat, lazy fingers. All the while most of us walk around concerned with nothing more than the day to day problems that will be forgotten in a year, fretting over personal drama and a fruitless pursuit of material happiness. The human race is so self-centered and pre occupied with the individual and the whole is suffering. We ignore the man on the street begging for change while we hurry home to gorge ourselves in tiny apartments in front of mindless television. We consider ourselves so smart but really what have we accomplished. This is 2010-the fucking future-and what do we have to show for it; Electric cars, pills to make our dicks bigger? We can’t solve a simple problem lie an oil well exploding. I mean did no one consider the possibility of this? Was there no contingency plan? I mean seriously? Why do we even need so much oil anyway? We have the means to create new sources of energy. Yet we are still beholden to the old ways because those who profit from it are too stubborn to switch horses’ midstream and do something different. And they control the politicians who make the rules for them not to follow. The rest of us little people now must suffer forever for this catastrophe. It is more the fault of us than the spineless officials we supposedly elect.  How do we elect officials that do nothing because they can’t come to an agreement with a minority party? When are we going to take control of this mess and create a system which benefits all of us and not just those with the money to pull the strings? Money isn’t even real! The U.S. dollar only has the value that we place on it. Perhaps it is time we do away with it. What do we need with it? Soon enough it will be replaced completely with plastic cards and our lives will be bought and sold on credit. And that will be even dumber than what we’re doing now. Stupid is as stupid does Forest. The so called smartest people are in fact the dumbest. Have you ever met any people, I’ve met quite a few, and they’re all idiots. Those that excel in one specialty or another are always lacking in other areas. Someone who is a master of mathematics or physics is often inept in social customs or popular culture. Those that excel in knowing the latest trends and celebrity gossip are dumbfounded by science or more intellectual pursuits. Even a jack-of-all-trades is a master of none.   True intelligence is mocked and chided into dumbing itself down for the approval of the masses which shows less intelligence than those it seeks to appease. I am infuriated at the lack of progress being made by the human race. Look at the Japanese, who are advancing leaps and bounds technologically and wonder why even they cannot seem to influence the rest of the world. It’s because in their land they are stifled by useless out dated traditions and customs. When will we burn out the past and forge a brighter future? When will we cease to rehash the old and give birth to something new? The cycles of life continue to repeat because we lack the courage and conviction to move forward.

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