Fucking everything, one goat at a time!

Apocalypse Vag!

You know you’re old when you start saying things like “kids these days”! But, seriously-what the fuck is going on with kids these days??? I knew years ago that giving little girls cell phones was a bad idea. They had no one to call so they would spend hours with a  bedazzler putting cheap looking plastic rhinestones all over their Nokia that their parents got for free when they added a line. Now they’ve gotten a little older and graduated to bedazzling their crotches! The whole craze seems to be sparked by Jennifer Love Hewitt(yes, the Ghost Whisperer), and an appearance she made on the George Lopez Show! I didn’t even know anyone watched  the George Lopez Show for one thing.  Vajazzaling  has quickly become the hot new thing to do amongst the kids, and like all trends is marked by a facebook page. This seems just bizarre but even more bizarre is the fact that the hilarious website Christwire is up in arms about the whole shebang. Claiming (and I quote) “This trend has caused females to resort to patently whorish methods in order to distract young men from their heart’s true desire in college study and become successful.” Because we all know that’s what young men go to college for-riiiiiiiiiggggggghhhhhhttttt!

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