Fucking everything, one goat at a time!

It’s Hobo Time

With the unemployment rate in America at an all time high (9.7% compared to 4.0% in 2000), and more and more Americans being under-employed (19.7%). Americans young and old are increasingly turning to hoboism.  One young man has made a name for himself by posting his hobo adventure online. After being unable to find a job in his chosen profession Daniel Seddiqu became a hobo blogging about how he would work 50 jobs in 50 states.  Thanks to internet cafés and public libraries, other hobos are sharing their stories online; giving the rest of us a glimpse into their once secret hobo world. A quick Google search and you can find the secret hieroglyphic language of the Hobo. Sources like Hobo News and Hobo Grapevine are great sources for both the public to be informed about the bindle brotherhood, and for hobos to connect with each other. Hobo News even offers a detailed history of so-called Hobo Kings and Queens. I didn’t even know they had such things. I mean, what would the castle of a Hobo King look like? Answer the world! Hobo’s, along with tramps and other vagabonds have a long and storied history in this country. The American gypsies, they have long been the hidden migrant workers; a hobo is not a bum.  Homeless by definition and by choice, the hobo does not shy away from an honest day’s work. They have a code and a since of honor, they even have a National convention held the second weekend every August in Britt, Iowa.

Year Kings Queens

Charles Noe

1933-35 Hairbreadth Harry
1936 Scoop Shovel Scotty
1937-38 King David I
1939 Scoop Shovel Scotty
1940-45 Hobo Ben Benson
1946 Skeet Simmons Polly Ellen Pep
1947 Hiway Johnny Weaver Polly Ellen Pep
1948 Hobo Ben Benson Polly Ellen Pep
1949 Cannonball Eddie Box Car Myrtle
1950 Hobo Ben Benson Box Car Myrtle
1951 Cannonball Eddie Sylvia Davis
1952 Scoop Shovel Scotty Sylvia Davis
1953 Hobo Ben Benson Sylvia Davis
1954-55 Scoop Shovel Scotty Box Car Betty Link
1956 Hobo Ben Benson
1957 Scoop Shovel Scotty
1958 Arizona Bill Box Car Betty Link
1959 Scoop Shovel Scotty
1960-61 King David I Box Car Betty Link
1962 Scoop Shovel Scotty
1963 Pennsylvania Kid Wilson
1964 Beef Steak Charlie
1965 Hard Rock Kid
1966 Pennsylvania Kid
1967 Hard Rock Kid
1968 Pennsylvania Kid
1969 Slow Motion Shorty Box Car Myrtle
1970 Hard Rock Kid Longlooker Mic
1971 Pennsylvania Kid Longlooker Mic
1972 Hard Rock Kid Longlooker Mic
1973 Steamtrain Maury Longlooker Mic
1974 Slow Motion Shorty Longlooker Mic
1975 Hard Rock Kid Adventurer Jan
1976 Steamtrain Maury LuAnn Uhden
1977 Sparky Smith Longlooker Mic
1978 Steamtrain Maury Longlooker Mic
1979 Steamtrain Maury Longlooker Mic
1980 Sparky Smith Cinderbox Cindy
1981 Steamtrain Maury Hobo Lump
1982 Hobo Bill Mainer Longlooker Mic
1983 Mountain Dew Hobo Lump
1984 Fry Pan Jack Slo Freight Ben
1985 Frisco Jack Longlooker Mic
1986 Ramblin’ Rudy Minneapolis Jewel
1987 Alabama Hobo Hobo Lump
1988 Fishbones Would-be hobo
1989 El Paso Kid Slo Freight Ben
1990 Songbird McCue Gypsy Moon
1991 Ohio Ned Minneapolis Jewel
1992 Roadhog USA Connecticut Shorty
1993 Iowa Blackie Blue Moon
1994 Sidedoor Pullman Kid New York Maggie
1995 Luther the Jet Gett Cinderbox Cindy
1996 Liberty Justice Come On Pat
1997 Frog Minneapolis Jewel
1998 New York Slim Cinders
1999 Preacher Steve Slo Freight Ben
2000 Bo Grump M.A.D. Mary
2001 Grandpa Dudley Derail
2002 Redbird Express Nightingale
2003 Hobo Spike Mama Joe
2004 Adman Sunrise
2005 Ironhorse Brad Half-track
2006 Iwegan Rick Miss Charlotte
2007 Tuck Lady Son Shine
2008 Stretch Ct. Tootsie
2009 Inkman Straycat

The Baloney Kid

They have their own musicians, most notably Arlo Guthrie, but there’s also Hobo stars with more colorful (though lesser known names), like Captain Dingo, Baloney Kid, and Hobo Minstrel. As their number increase though some hobos are looking to start something even bigger than a few websites; outside Portland Oregon a group of hobos have established a semi-permanent formally mobile tent city known as Dignity Village. They have set up a board of directors and established a free system that is one of the closest models to working Anarchy inside of the U.S. There even exists a Hobo Museum

Hobo Museum

to commemorate the Hobos struggle in America. The Hobo movement is growing stronger than it has since the Great Depression and the hobo is now more visible than he/she has been since the end of the Civil War when many soldiers returning home began to hop the railways West in search of a better life.

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5 responses

  1. You guys should try using sheep instead of goats. See you at the campfire in the hobo jungle.

    03/16/2010 at 1:31 AM

  2. Sheep don’t have horns you can hold onto

    03/16/2010 at 1:48 AM

  3. Anonymous

    My grandmother was Sylvia Davis queen of the hobos from 51 to 53 how do I get information.

    09/17/2011 at 8:21 AM

    • Not quite sure. Check the Hobo Museum.

      09/23/2011 at 9:07 PM

  4. Anonymous

    I was at ther 2010 convention and was told it may be folding due to lack of numbers.I was raised in Britt when Hobo Days equaled or surpassed the State Fair.Everything must come to an end but I was hoping it wouldn’t happen in my life time.

    11/21/2011 at 7:52 PM

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