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Gods of Armageddon; Sammy Davis Jr.

When one thinks of the true Gods of Armageddon, the earthly men and women who have ascended to the throne room, and await the end of days to return to earth and liberate us. One cannot help but immediately think of the one eyed black, Jewish, Satanic Warlock, who hung around such notably evil men as Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. I speak of course of Sammy Davis Jr. He is one of the originators of Disaster culture and an Icon to the GoatFucker staff. The man’s legendary exploits with numerous white women, and even being kidnapped for his taste.  He lost his left eye and almost died in a in an automobile accident on November 19, 1954 in San Bernardino. The accident marked a turning point in his career, taking him from entertainer to a national celebrity and icon.  He converted to Judaism from his hospital bed, after a conversation with his friend and fellow entertainer Eddie Cantor.  Even after that he had several death threats, and supposedly a contract put out on his life for dating white women. He would much later say of his decision to convert; “I’ve never let my blackness interfere with my religion. I’ve never allowed my religion to interfere with my blackness. I think they’re too separate things. They intertwine, and they should be supportive of each other, but many people, up until 10 or 15 years ago (maybe in the last 8 years) weren’t aware that 85 per cent of the Israelis are colored. They aren’t white and blue-eyed. They are dark skinned (pointing to his own arm).”

— Ebony Magazines Interview with Sammy Davis Jr.,

“Sammy Davis Jr. 1985”[1]

At the peak of his career he was the number one entertainer in the world. In the 1970’s, he raked in $2 million per year which was virtually unheard of at the time. Much of this admiration came to a screeching halt when he married white actress May Britt in 1960. Blacks and whites were appalled and Davis received even more death threats. May Britt’s career was blackballed and she never worked in Hollywood again after giving birth to Sammy’s’ only biological child (a daughter). They would divorce in 1968 after Davis admitted to having an affair. He continued on with a series of interracial romances, before getting serious with blonde actress Kim Novak and a “contract” was purportedly put out on his life and he was threatened, with the loss of his other eye if he continued seeing her. Before the alleged contract was executed, allegedly Frank Sinatra intervened and saved the day but Davis still feared for his life and married a (black) showgirl, Loray White. In his autobiography, he stated that he got drunk and married Loray but allegedly he married Loray out of desperation. In any event the marriage was short lived and lasted only a few months before it was annulled. Loray supposedly received $10,000 and a Cadillac. [2]

Throughout the 1960s he had been a very vocal supporter of the Black Power movement and other left-wing causes. But in the early 1970s he lost some support from liberals and members of the Black community when he embraced Richard Nixon and performed in Vietnam[3]. Despite the fact that Davis voted as a Democrat again after the Nixon administration, Nixon invited Davis to sleep in the White House in 1973, which is believed to be the first time an African-American was invited to do so. Though some could argue that Sammy’s public hug could have been more of a curse placed on Nixon, judging from what became of his fate. Sammy’s transcendent “Yes, I Can” is a pledge that actually meant something to him. “I Can” represented his refusal to recognize barriers, be they racist Jim Crow policies against miscegenation, blindly following social norms, or obeying sodomy laws. He was a man who took everything to the extreme. As Sammy explained in his 1989 memoir Why Me; “I wanted to have every human experience.” There’s no better example of this than Sammy’s desire to have every experience than his foray into Satanism. Despite being born Christian and converting to Judaism, according to reports Sammy started his personal relationship with The Church of Satan during 1968 after a visit to a nightclub in which he partially owned. He was invited to a party by a group of young actors who sported red fingernails to signifying their allegiance to the Church. When Sammy arrived at the party, all attendees were wearing either hoods or masks. The centerpiece was a naked girl, on an alter, chained, and spread-eagle, though Sammy felt confident that human sacrifice was not about to happen that evening. “That chick was happy and wasn’t really going to get anything sharper than a dildo stuck in her.”[4], he later wrote. He continued to attend these satanic orgies until he eventually joined the Church, although the chronology of his association presented in Why Me deviates from the one offered by Michael Aquino in his 1983 history of the Church. Though eyewitness accounts place him near the very top of the satanic ladder; “dressed as a priest and wearing an inverted crucifix, [Sammy Davis Jr.] bent Elvis Presley across the kitchen table and buggered him within an inch of his life!” [5]

This part of his life is often glossed over, there is no mention on his Wikipedia page of any of his Satanic indugences. Including his Satanic Sitcom pilot “Poor Devil”. Poor Devil was a pilot for a TV series that was never picked up obviously. It starred Sammy Davis Jr. as Sammy(creative) the Poor Devil and Christopher Lee(from Hammer Films Dracula series-Duh!), as Lucifer. Sammy plays a bumbling assistant to Satan who hasn’t gotten a soul for him for 1400 years. Lucifer gives him one last chance when Sammy sets his sights on a a disgruntled accountant, played by (The Odd Couples) Jack Klugman. In 1973, in appreciation for Davis’ the failed pilot,  the Church Of Satan made Sammy Davis Jr. an honorary Second Degree Warlock. Michael Aquino and Karla LaVey presented him with the award on stage during one of his performances at the Circle Star Theater in San Carlos. By that time he had developed liver and kidney trouble and spent some months in the hospital early in 1974 and he decided to move on. He wrote in his autobiography that “one morning after a coven that wasn’t all fun and games… I got some nail polish remover and I took off the red fingernail.” Sammy placed his experience in the context of his “Yes, I Can” philosophy. “It was a short lived interest, but I still have many friends in the Church of Satan… I say this to only show that however bizarre the subject I don’t pass judgment until I have found out everything I can about it. People who can put up an interesting case will often find that I’m a willing convert.” Davis’s long career in show business was remarkable he managed to break color barriers in an era of segregation. The last fifteen years of Davis’s life he appeared in the Broadway musical, Stop the World—I want to get off. He served as a fill-in host for the “Tonight Show,” and returned to the Las Vegas stage. His constant illnesses and even hip surgery failed to stop Davis from performing. He even starred in musical revue which played to sold-out crowds in the United States and Europe just a year before Davis’s death with his friends Liza Minnelli and Frank Sinatra. Davis died in Beverly Hills, California on May 16, 1990, of complications from throat cancer. When doctors told him that he could be saved by surgery, he replied he would rather keep his voice than have a part of his throat removed; the result of that decision seemed to have cost him his life.

The true measure of a God of Armageddon is whether or not he or she did what the fuck they wanted to do during their life. And Sammy Davis Jr. for certain lived life on his own terms despite the opinions of others and for that we will listen to the rapid fire tapping of his feet when the final bell is rung. We will look to the sky and see a one-eyed, Jewish/Second Degree Satanic Warlock/ Goatfucker descending upon us!

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[5] Hollywood Satanists

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