Fucking everything, one goat at a time!

Diviant Desires; Bait Bus

When uptight conservative assholes try and stop homosexuals from marrying they often sight that the union of man and man or woman and woman will lead society down the road to ruin. Now the homosexuals who want to marry argue back by claiming that it of course will not. We here at Goat fucker support gay marriage simply because we hope that it will lead to the fall of western civilization and believe that their are some homosexuals out there who also hope to ruin society. After all fuck society it is useless and out dated, it’s past time for a upgrade and the fine young men and women at Bait Bus seem to agree with us. This is what the religious right is afraid of, queers kidnapping and sucking off their young. Many people argue that the acceptance of homosexuality led to the fall of Rome. To that we say ” Let the new Roman empire fall just as the old one has!”

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