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Apocalyptic Sciences; The Dawn of the Cyborgs

Once the Provence of pirates and street urchins prosthetic limbs have become more and more advanced until we are finally on the cusp of reaching science fiction.  The human cyborg is a reality today, thanks in large part to the two wars being waged throughout the Middle East. The high number of soldiers returning from combat missing appendages has sped up the research and development of super-advanced technologies speeding up the creation of Robo-Cop. A recent National Geographic article explores some of the new frontiers in prosthetic and enhanced human cybernetic advancements. Babies born deaf able to hear electronically by the time they learn to walk. Blindness cured like LeForge off Star Trek the Next Generation. Men and women given amazing robotic arms that respond directly from the brain! These Apocalyptic Sciences are the cornerstones that will inevitably link man and machine making movies like Blade Runner, Lawnmower Man, and The Matrix, a fucking reality.

The Open Prosthetic’s Project is an open source network deticated to  “producing useful innovations in the field of prosthetics and freely sharing the designs”. A collaboration between users, designers, and “funders”, with the goal of making creations available for anyone. Their goal is to speed up and amplify the impact of  cybernetic innovations. This of course has all sorts of military and law enforcement applications written all over it. The Defense Sciences Office claims on it’s website that; The Revolutionizing Prosthetics Program will create, within this decade, a fully functional (motor and sensory) upper limb that responds to direct neural control. This revolution will occur by capitalizing on decades of previous DARPA investments in neuroscience, robotics, sensors, power systems, and actuation. In particular, this program builds on DSO’s Human Assisted Neural Devices Program, which has recently decoded the brain’s motor signals with such fidelity that motor movements of a robotic arm can be achieved entirely by direct brain control. Soon we will see enhanced cyborg cops patrolling our streets.

We as humans have advanced pretty far in the span of our existence, we have conquered land, air and sea, we have built cities and monuments to ourselves that will span for eons, we have learned to survive and adapt and prolong our once brief lives to unimaginable lengths. Now we are poised to extend those lives even further as we will soon be capable of not only replacing lost or damaged body parts but replacing old and worn out pieces of our anatomy until we are virtually immortal. Combined with sciences advancements in gene therapy and the disease prevention, soon we will be able to breed the perfect humans in petri-dishes and keep them working for ever with cybernetic parts. There is no limit in which these sciences will reach. The perfect indestructible soldier is right around the corner with many cyborg troops already returning to the front lines (albiet mainly in desk positions for now). It won’t belong before we see a version of Marvel Comics Cable rise up from the sands of Afghanistan and lay waste to gang of towel headed sheep farmers with jammed AKs.
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